Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD)

Vapour Deposition is the English term for surface treatment through vapour. This vapour may be produced by Chemical reactions (CVD) or physical reactions (PVD). Chemical reactions occur at high temperatures (from 800 °C). Physical reactions occur from a plasma, which means that exactly through these reactions at very low temperatures (starting at room temperature), layers can be added. PVD can also be applied to all solid materials that you can think of, metal, ceramics, glass as well as plastics.  These techniques originate combinations with unique properties.

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD)

The low temperature does not affect the materials to be coated in their dimensions. Typical thicknesses range from a couple of nanometers to 25μm. The possibilities for applying coatings are endless and depend on the properties you want to add to the base material. Metallic coatings can be applied that can, for example, increase the electrical conductivity, improve the corrosion properties or be used for (optical) reflection. Ceramic coatings can improve wear resistance or add optical properties to materials. Furthermore, these layers are perfectly combinable with galvanic bases originating combinations that excel in wear resistance combined with corrosion properties.

Internal Diameter Physical Vapour Deposition (ID PVD)

Traditional PVD is limited in applying thin layers on internal diameters. ID PVD uses specially developed microwave sputter equipment for applying coatings to internal surfaces. A rod-shaped target is hereby placed in the cavity of the work piece. This enables to provide the inner diameter of a product with a very homogeneous layer.

Available PVD Technique in The Netherlands:

Magnetron Sputtering

  • Various taylor made Coatings possible
  • Possible to coat plastics
  • Inner Diameter coating possible

Hauck Heat Treatment Eindhoven B.V. is a specialist in the field of the application of customer-specific coatings on components and has many years of experience in this field of expertise. It supplies demanding industries such as Semicon and the aviation and aerospace industries. This makes Hauck Heat Treatment Eindhoven B.V. a competent partner who may offer extensive advice on coating and application..

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