Name change to Hauck Heat Treatment

01 Dec, 2015

Dear relation,

We are pleased to announce that all the heat treatment companies belonging to Aalberts Industries are changing their name to Hauck Heat Treatment.

Our Heat Treatment companies have operated as a Group for many years, cooperating and sharing people and best practice. However, this relationship and our strength as one of the world’s largest heat treatment groups is not widely known.

Our primary goal is for you to be successful. No matter whether you are a big player on the global market or a local operating hidden champion. Being your heat treatment service supplier we want to be part of your competitive advantage. Therefore we decided – by realizing all possible synergies and levering the whole heat treatment expertise and resources in the Aalberts Industries N.V. corporate group –  to unite our European business under one strong name. Starting in 2016 all our 27 heat treatment plants in Europe will become Hauck Heat Treatment.

This change will not influence our operating business which will be kept local and does not have any further administrative changes besides this name change. Hence, your direct contacts, our VAT No., Chamber of Commerce entries etc. stay the same. The only thing we ask from you is that you update your systems to our new name “Hauck Heat Treatment” from 1st January 2016.

With our sincere thanks for the previous cooperation we ask you to join us in all the successful years to come. If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us, for which we are at your disposal.

your partner in heat treatment


Marcus Wendel
Managing Director

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